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consumers access to various free product samples. The people that take ad▓vantage of these opportunities are called "testers" or "Shi Ke" in Chinese.One tester said "The free service the studio provi

is from begi

nning to the

end.""Watch TV With Me" comes in seven acts. Among the locales

ded was worth around 6,000 yuan. It included 6 dresses and many accessories to wear for free. The staff will also do my h▓air for no charge during the photo shoot."Reclaiming land to be restrictedReclaiming land t▓o be restrictedReclaiming land to be restricted01-18-2018 13:33 BJTB

usiness-motivated conversion of marine areas will be prohibitedChina will halt and prohibit all business-oriented land reclamation activities and abolish local governments' authority over the ▓matter in the strictest-ever control over reclamation, according to the Sta▓te Oceanic Administration.Lin Shanqing, deputy director of the administration, said on Wednesday that the government will nationalize reclaimed 

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land with no structures built on it and will halt reclamation projects that have yet to ▓be opened and are against national poli

1980, Nort

cies.The central government will stop approving pro▓perty development plans based on land reclamation and will prohibit all recla

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mation acti▓vities unless they pertain to national key infrastructure, public welfare or national defe▓nse, he said, adding that

na in 1986

local authorities will no longer have the power to approve re▓clamation projects.All structures that are built on illegally recl

, Shanghai in 19

aimed land and that have ▓seriously damaged the marine environment will be demolished, Lin added.He said the government will▓ ti

93, and Shenzhen i

ghten review and inspection procedures on applications for recla▓mation and other uses of the sea.Gu Wu, head of the administrati

n 1997. And

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money by getting things for free, the in▓ternet coul

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on's National Marine Inspection Office, said that in the past, land reclamation, to a certain extent, helped to boost economic deve▓lopment by mitiga

s have begun o

ffering samples an

ting the land shortage in coastal regions an▓d providing space for public infrastructure and industry parks.However, illegal and irregular re▓clamation

d other things

to their members,

activities caused a number of problems to marine ecosystems and lawful businesses, she said.Gu said that those effects have become a major public conc

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